Top WordPress Plugins & Reason To Utilize WordPress

Before getting into the Top WordPress plugins let’s talk a bit about WordPress. WordPress is an easy-to-use and completely customized solution for every website. It offers the quickest method to begin your blog or site – all that’s needed is a domain and a web hosting service. WordPress is free to download, install and use for your website – however, many premium features require a monthly fee to use. WordPress is used for several purposes, including forums, business websites, and news outlets.

The Top WordPress Plugins:

1. W3 Total Cache: This plugin ensures that your website is running smoothly and without any errors or crashes by optimizing it for speed. It caches HTML, CSS, and scripts (such as javascript), while also giving your site the ability to distribute objects in a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast: This plugin is tailored to your blog post for search engine optimization, which means it will give you the highest possible ranking for your website.

3. eCommerce web design: This plugin offers a plethora of tools and features that can be tailored to your specific website needs. 

Among other things, it provides you with the ability to use a variety of short-codes and widgets to give your website a unique look.

ecommerce website

Why You Should Choose WordPress E-commerce Web Design

WordPress provides a range of simple and efficient tools designed to streamline the development process. From building sites using fully customizable templates, or importing and converting from other formats to integrating with social networks and SEO components. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) powering millions of websites and is increasingly popular for eCommerce web design. WordPress is a mature solution. The community that has grown up around it means that there is a strong resource of plugins, widgets, and themes tested for compatibility. The CMS has been developed over a decade to incorporate ever more functionality while remaining easy to install, scalable and customizable. WordPress is also relatively simple for beginners who are new to web design. Site owners can easily add or change content, photos, and videos. You can build attractive sites with eCommerce functionality for relatively small budgets without the need to hire expensive web designers. WordPress-powered sites are extremely visible on search engines, which is very important for eCommerce web design. The platform is keyword rich and the SEO components built into the CMS structure sites well for search engines. WordPress is also scalable and secure. The platform has been tested over the 15 years that it has been in use and solutions have been found for most problems. The fact that WordPress is open source means that the code can be reviewed and security problems found and fixed before the majority of users are affected.