Social Media Marketing Trends

Nov 30, 2021

Top Social Media Marketing Trends

The social media marketing landscape is constantly changing. Just a few years ago, Facebook was the only big fish in the pond. Today, there are millions of social businesses around the world involving millions of people from all walks of life. So to keep up with this ever-changing environment it’s good to remember that what goes around comes around and that nothing is permanent, including trends. Here are 4 social media marketing trends that you should be aware of if you want to make the most out of whatever network your business is involved in:

Pre-Filling Content

This tip really applies best to Facebook because it’s something they’ve been focusing on heavily with their advertising efforts, but it’s also growing to other networks. Both in the advertising department and their own Facebook pages, pre-filling content has become a buzzword among social media marketers. What this means is that you fill in some pieces of information about your target audience when constructing posts for them to consume by adding things like their company name or location. This not only makes it easier for people to consume your content but also makes it easier for Facebook’s algorithms to target the right people when you run ads. This tip doesn’t make sense in some situations, like when you’re trying to put out a more creative piece of content, but in most cases is definitely something that should be considered.

Social Media Video Production

The rise of the social media industry has also led to the rise of the video production industry. The fact is, people like watching videos. They’re short, they’re engaging and if done right can be a great way to convey information about your business or brand. Often times, things that seem obvious for marketing trends don’t always reach their full potential because marketers are so focused on the next big thing that they forget about the basics. Social media video production is something you can do for any budget and should be done accross the board no matter what social media network your business is based in.

Looking into Facebook Live

One of the latest trends to hit social media businesses is Facebook Live. If you’ve seen it done, you’ve noticed how engaging and interactive the experience is. The impact that this has on businesses looking to connect with their target markets goes beyond simple interaction as well because Facebook Live is such a unique way of connecting with people, those who use it tend to be rewarded by having higher engagement rates for future content they put out which encourages them to continue using it.

As with everything there are smart ways and not so smart ways to do things, but if you want your business to be able to thrive in this ever-changing social media landscape, the 3 trends above are a good place to start.

Social media marketing is a key part of online marketing strategy. By following social media marketing trends, you can keep up with the latest and greatest that social media has to offer. This article talks about 3 of those essential trends: pre-filling content, video production and looking into Facebook live.

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