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Propertya - Real Estate WordPress Theme Propertya - Real Estate WordPress Theme


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Propertya – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Propertya  – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Propertya - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 1
Propertya - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 2

Propertya Real Estate WordPress Theme

Propertya Real Estate WordPress Theme is a comprehensive and versatile theme specifically crafted for real estate professionals and agencies. With its sleek design and powerful features, Propertya provides an ideal solution for building stunning and functional real estate websites.

Key Features:

  • 1. Property Listings: Showcase your properties with style and elegance using the dedicated property listings feature. Display property details, amenities, pricing, and high-resolution images to captivate potential buyers.
  • 2. Advanced Search: Allow visitors to easily find their dream property by implementing the advanced search functionality. Users can filter properties based on location, price range, property type, and more, providing them with tailored search results.
  • 3. Property Submission: Empower property owners and agents to submit their listings directly through your website. Streamline the process of adding new properties and expand your property database effortlessly.
  • 4. Customizable Layouts: Personalize the look and feel of your website by choosing from multiple pre-designed layouts and customizable templates. Tailor the theme to match your brand identity and create a unique online presence.
  • 5. Elementor Page Builder: Create stunning and dynamic page layouts with ease using the Elementor page builder integration. Effortlessly design custom pages and customize every aspect of your website without coding.
  • 6. Property Comparison: Enable visitors to compare properties side by side, helping them make informed decisions. The property comparison feature allows for a detailed analysis of key property features and specifications.
  • 7. Google Maps Integration: Seamlessly integrate Google Maps into your property listings, providing users with a visual representation of property locations. Enhance the user experience by enabling interactive maps for easy navigation.
  • 8. Agent Profiles: Highlight your team of real estate agents or agencies with dedicated agent profiles. Showcase agent expertise, contact information, and listings to build trust and establish credibility.
  • 9.Mortgage Calculator: Offer a built-in mortgage calculator tool to help potential buyers estimate mortgage payments and evaluate affordability. Simplify the decision-making process by providing essential financial insights.
  • 10. Mobile Responsive: With a fully responsive design, Propertya ensures that your website looks and functions flawlessly on various devices and screen sizes. Deliver an optimal browsing experience to your visitors.
  • 11. Comprehensive Documentation and Support: Benefit from detailed documentation and reliable support to assist you in setting up, configuring, and customizing your real estate website. Access resources and guidance whenever you need it.

Property RealEstate Theme Online Documentation


This theme requires min. PHP version 7.0+
Property can be translated to any language, but it is not multi-language or WPML compatible yet

Note: We are not providing support for any kind of adult/dating website. If you want to buy then you can proceed but do not expect support for illegal, dating, or Adult Websites.
Propertya - Real Estate WordPress Theme - 3

This Theme is supported by WhizzChat WordPress Chat Plugin

Updates: Version: 1.1.6 November 7th, 2023

Updated the outdated WooCommerce templates.
Updated the Plugins.
Updated the WordPress.

1: When posting a listing from the back end, not displaying the agent information section on the front end issue resolved.
2: On editing the Packages page, the issue is resolved.
3: Set Scheduled emails from default to user custom emails 
4: When a listing is posted from either the backend or frontend, and no image is added by the user, the default image will be displayed.
5: Fixed styling issues.

Updates: Version: 1.1.5 May 3rd, 2023

Added rewrite urls 
1: For Listings & Listings category,Location & Tags
2: For an agent, agent Location & Agent Category
3: For agency & agency location

1: Search page pagination issue resolved
2: Showed contact form on listings detail page
3: Removed term name from the dropdown on term pages
4: Showed default image on listings detail page when no gallery image is added
5: Showed terms in the dropdown on search pages
6: Updated the WooComerce outdated templates
5: Remove the multi-select option from search with the sidebar page 

Updates: Version: 1.1.4 February 3rd, 2023

Added :
1: The agent does not need to buy a separate package. The agency can assign a number of listings to the agent.
2: Can change the footer background image (Theme options > Footer section).
3: Confirmation box before user account deletion

1: Added Mapox for the  search page  
2: Search page pagination issue resolved
3: Replaced default image with custom image after posting Ads.
4: Updated the WooComerce outdated templates
5: The email verification issue is resolved.

Updates: Version: 1.1.3 Sep 23th, 2022

--> Responsiveness Issue fixed
--> Plugins updated

Updates: Version: 1.1.2 Sep 8th, 2022

--> Email verification issue resolved
--> Default images issue fixed
--> Elemntor Update Issues Fixed...

Updates: Version: 1.1.1 Apr 18th, 2022

--> Layout pagination issue resolved
--> Disabled creating agent or agency from the backend
--> Admin can now create an agent from the frontend
--> Property type added below the slider
--> Compare button error resolved
--> Image can be deleted from frontend posting
--> Listing not assigned to any agent if not selected.
--> Backend map issue resolved
--> Renew expired Listings
--> Elemntor Update Issues Fixed...

Updates: Version: 1.1.0 Feb 15th, 2022
New Features

1:Assign any property to any agent(added)
2:Rearrange Images of the posted listings


1:Featured image showing from the backend
2:Area prefixes can be changed from theme options
3:Icons below the slider can be changed from theme options

Updates: Version: 1.0.9 Nov 24th, 2021
New Features

1:ACF integration(add custom fields against any category)
2:Rewrite URL (you can rewrite your URL from theme options)
3:added (disable any section) option in classic style


1:Property ID was not showing after posting from frontend
2:Share counter should start from 0
3:Ad post button text should, can be changed now from the theme option
4:if A virtual tour is not added, the box can not be visible
5:requiring map is not needed as the location required can be on/off affected
6:front-end dashboard responsive issues fixed
7:forgot password working now
8:WhatsApp default message can be changed from the theme option also an on-off option is available
9:compare button on/off option from the theme option
10:you can get a current location on the map of open streets now
11:listing on the map is now showing on the first search page
12:google map search bar causes scroll back issue is fixed

Updates: Version: 1.0.8 Oct 7th, 2021
New Features

--> Inquiry form
--> Currency switcher(added)
--> Sorting by price
--> Verify email after registration before login
--> Print the current listing
--> WhatsApp API
--> Offer type added in classic style
--> Word details need to replace with details(replaced)
--> IDX integration
--> List, grid view (switch) on all properties
--> Top bar over the navbar
-->Load more agents


--> Word short by needs to replace with sort by
--> Redirect to the Login page  before adding to fav if not login
--> Search with map, not user-friendly at mobile view
--> Ad grid images clickable
--> Draft posts not showing to users after submitting
--> Owl carousel overflow causes scrolling in the mobile view
--> Extra Taxonomy area unit needs to be removed
--> Need to add an option for title and location limit. (title limit available, title needs to be capitalized)
--> Submit property button on the header
--> Form styling issue fixed
--> Dashboard sidebar responsive issue fixed
--> Choose plan button translation fixed

Updates: – Aug 3rd, 2021

1. Compatible with WordPress 5.8
2. Compatible with The Latest Redux Framework
3. Compatible with The Latest WooCommerce Plugin
4:  All Plugins Updated
5:  Style issue fixed.
6: Submit Listing Issue Fixed
7: Search issue fixed



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