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    If you are working on a website for Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists or a Life coach, and looking for a psychologist WordPress theme, Mentis is the perfect solution for you. Why? Let me explain to you.

    Has it ever occurred to you that you are looking for a website theme that would serve a particular niche, but instead, provided with a gigantic theme? Oftentimes, these themes don’t only fail to offer you an easy solution, but also flood you with distractions and unnecessary components and features that actually create havoc in your job.

    In the market of multipurpose themes, such phenomena is way too common. And themes that are supposed to be niche-oriented ones, also fail to deliver the quality and craftsmanship these are supposed to.

    This is where Mentis- a perfect responsive Psychiatrist WordPress theme for Psychotherapists, Life coaches, therapists and Psychiatrists website comes in. Mentis was designed based on real-life experience of developing multiple websites for Psychotherapists and life coaches, and then analysed for hundreds of hours to make sure it serves the purpose accurately.

    Mentis- Redefining the trend of Psychiatrist WordPress theme

    In our extensive study, we found out that there are some severe issues in most of the psychotherapist websites that are currently live on the web. These are hurting their reputation and practice in a bad way. The gap between the current trend most of the psychologists are following seriously disagree with the modern web trend. That is why, most of the visitors that visit these websites get an unwelcoming vibe as soon as they enter these websites.

    Not only that, most of the psychotherapist websites do not conform with the current web design trend that ensures the highest retention rate as well as conversion rate.

    Mentis – A responsive theme designed specifically for psychotherapists and life coaches

    While looking for a responsive psychologist WordPress theme for your upcoming psychiatrist/ psychologist website, there are two important things you should keep in your mind-

    How to present the psychotherapist in the best possible way,

    To make sure the visitors are hooked.

    To be honest, a psychologist WordPress theme must not look like an online marketer’s landing page. It should have a clean interface to offer the visitors a soothing experience as well as projecting the best impression of the psychotherapist. No one likes to get bombarded with lots of texts. On the other hand, peppering the website with bullet points doesn’t always succeed to present the psychotherapist. That’s why, we designed this responsive psychotherapist website theme in a balanced way so that both of these issues can be dealt with. It is also a MUST for a psychotherapist or life coach website to offer a sense of calmness, trust and faith, which was ensured while designing this responsive therapist WordPress theme.

    All the right things in the right place

    From our experience of working on several psychotherapist and life coach website, and thus communicating intensely with numerous psychotherapists, WE KNOW how psychotherapists want to see their website to look like and what purpose they want to be fulfilled with it.

    From this extensive experience, we have curated a schema of what module performs best in which position and how to present them.

    Beautifully Designed Bootstrap Psychotherapist WordPress Theme

    Mentis is a beautifully designed and well structured WordPress theme for psychiatrists and life coaches with clean interface, which ensures the best user experiences. The codes are well structured too as well as the front-end design. All the pages and sections are sorted accordingly and well documented. Because of easy navigation, you can find your desired one easily. Every section can be identified easily by it’s starting and ending tags. And clean and organized UI makes it a beautiful and efficient responsive theme for psychotherapist websites.

    Responsive modern psychotherapist website theme

    The motto of today’s web design is- “If it’s not mobile-ready, it better die!” That’s why, we kept in mind the theme’s adaptive capability in any devices. If you are browsing this theme from any handheld devices, you can click the “Live Preview” button above and see that it works very well on any of the handheld devices. If you have more questions about its responsiveness, you can check it from google mobile friendly test. And why wouldn’t this be user-friendly? We have used the latest version of world famous CSS framework Bootstrap to make this psychotherapist/ psychiatrist/ life coach WordPress theme responsive.

    Responsive Psychiatrist WordPress theme with SEO-friendly structure

    The coding of Mentis has maintained the W3C standard and that’s why it’s got its W3C validation. This theme is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. For making it work, you need to just give meta informations to it. Google will index your data as well as website fast and rank it upper in the GOOGLE search results. So, download this responsive theme for your psychotherapist or life coach website project.

    In a nutshell, if you are looking for a hassle free top-class responsive theme for your next psychotherapist/ life coach website project, you simply won’t find a better deal than this.

    Version 1.1.1 (2018/01/27)

    - New Feature : page settings - sidebar show / hide option, sidebar alignment

    Version 1.1 (2017/12/26)

    - New Feature : Unlimited color option
    - New Feature :  Styling Option For All Mentis Addon
    - New Feature : Preloader upload option
    - New Feature : Main menu font size option
    - Fixed bug : child theme
    - Fixed bug : Social widget
    - Fixed small bugs

    Version 1.0 (2017/07/20)

    - Initial Release 

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