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Real Places is a premium WordPress theme for Real Estate websites. It has a purpose oriented design and It offers decent design variations with flexibility and customizability to fulfill various requirements. This theme comes loaded with tons of useful features related to Real Estate and you can learn about those features through live preview and details provided below.

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese translation files are included

Demo User Access Info

User Name & Password = demo ( This user has contributor role )

Advanced & Customizable Search for Real Estate Properties

Advanced, Powerful and Customizable Search for Real Estate Properties

This theme includes advanced properties search functionality that is not only powerful but also fully customizable to fulfill various requirements. You can choose which fields you want to display, In what order you want those fields to appear and what data will be displayed in those fields. You can display multiple location fields to provide search behavior like State > City > Area. You can change the values in price related fields. You can also decide how the properties search results page should look like and how many properties it should display and those properties should be sorted in what order.

Google Map with Properties Markers

Google Map with Properties Markers

This theme includes Google map support that enables you to display Google map with properties markers on search results page, properties display pages, property detail page, home page, contact page and taxonomy archive pages.

Drag & Drop Layout Manager for Home Page

Drag & Drop Layout Manager for Home Page

Using drag and drop layout manager for home page, You can show or hide and arrange home page modules in any order you want. You can also use wpbakery page builder in home page contents module to add custom contents to home page.

Various Layouts to Display Multiple Properties

Full width list layout
Full width grid layout
List layout with sidebar
Grid layout with sidebar

This theme includes various page templates to display multiple properties. These templates include comprehensive set of meta-boxes to filter & sort properties to fulfill any requirements. So basically, You can create a page containing any number of properties having any layout and those properties can be of any type, status, location and feature OR any combination of these. You can also filter properties based on information like bedrooms, bathrooms, prices etc.

3 Different Variations for Property Detail Page

3 Different Variations for Property Detail Page

This theme provides 3 different design variations for property detail page. You can switch between any variation from theme options.

Easy to Use Meta Boxes

Easy to use meta boxes

Real Places theme provides a rich set of meta boxes, To make it easy for you to add and modify information and media files to a property.

Additional Details Meta Boxes

Additional details

Real Places provides a very easy to use interface to add/modify/remove additional details related to a property. This feature can be used in many ways especially to add a certain type of information for which there is no other meta box available.

Property Attachments

Property Attachments

You can provide various types of files ( pdf, office documents, images etc ) as attachments to a property. This feature can be use in various innovative ways to share further details about a property.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

You can add floor plans related to a property using a very intuitive user interface provided on property add/edit page in WordPress admin side. Each floor plan can have its own description, image, price and other specifications like size, beds, baths etc.

Similar Properties on Property Detail Page

Similar Properties on Property Detail Page

You can show similar properties module on property detail page to display properties that are similar to current property.

Various Custom Widgets

Various Custom Widgets

This theme provides and supports various custom widgets needed in a real estate website.

Child / Sub Properties Support on Property Detail Page

Child / Sub Properties Support on Property Detail Page

Child properties support is provided, So that you can add big building with child/sub units to display each one with different information and prices. For example a building with 3 different types of flats with each one having different bedrooms, bathrooms, area and price.

3 Different Layouts to Display Agents

Various Layouts to Display Agents

This theme includes three 3 different page templates to display agents in 2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns.

User Registration, Login ( Social Login Support ) and Password Recovery

User Login and Registration

Real Places theme provides a front end dialog for user registration, login and recover password support that enables your website users to enjoy member only features.

Social login support is added in Real Places version 1.4.0 and it facilitates user to login using any social network like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Front End Property Submit and Edit

Front End Property Submit and Edit

You can configure front end property submit and edit functionality in this theme to enable your website members to submit a property.

List of Submitted Properties

List of Submitted Properties

A registered user can view a list of properties that only he has submitted and he can edit or remove or pay the publishing fee of a property from that list.

Favorite Properties

Favorite Properties

A visitor can add a property to his favorite properties. Later on he can view his favorite properties and if needed he can also remove a property from his favorites collections. Favorites information for a simple visitor is stored in cookies but for a logged-in user it is stored in database.

Front End Profile Editing

Front End Profile Editing

A registered user can edit his profile information using a front end profile editing form.

PayPal Payments Integration for Submitted Properties

PayPal Payments Integration for Submitted Properties

You can configure PayPal payments to collect publishing fee from users who have submitted properties to your website.

Google reCAPTCHA Support Included

Google reCAPTCHA Support Included

This theme includes Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam message.

Revolution Slider Plugin Included

Revolution Slider Plugin Included

You can build any type of slider using Revolution Slider plugin that comes included as part of this theme’s main pack. If you only want to use properties slider then there are already two slider variation available for those.

Translation Ready, RTL Support Included and WPML Compatible

Translation Ready, RTL Support Included and WPML Compatible

This theme is translation ready and you can translate it to any one language without the need of a plugin. But, If you want to build a multi language website then you can use a plugin like WPML with this theme.

One Click Demo Importer

One click demo importer

This theme includes one click demo importer to help you quickly setup a website similar to theme’s demo.


Pre Purchase FAQs

Is it possible for the search form to have multiple location boxes like “State > City > Area” ?

You can choose to display up to four locations boxes in search form.
You can choose 1, If you want to display all locations into one select box.
You can choose 2, If you want to display locations like State > City OR City > Area.
You can choose 3, If you want to display locations like Country > State > City OR State > City > Area.
You can choose 4, If you want to display locations like Country > State > City > Area.

We have multiple agents in our agency and we want our agents to add properties. But we do not want to allow anybody else to register, So what is the solution for this ?

A real estate property is like a post in WordPress and You need to simply create users for your agents with author role. You can know more about roles from https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities . So, You do not need to enable registration for public and manually added users with author role will be good enough to add properties using WordPress dashboard. You can forward documentation’s add property link to your agents for guidance.

How to create RSS feed for properties ? and How to send its email to potential customers.

You can use ‘feed/?post_type=property’ after your website URL to get property feeds. for example: http://www.your-website.com/feed/?post_type=property

Demo Example: http://realplaces.inspirydemos.com/feed/?post_type=property

Later on you can use Google feed burner http://feedburner.google.com/ and create a feedburner widget on your website for people to subscribe.

Following plugin might also help in this regard. http://wordpress.org/plugins/feedburner-form/screenshots/

How can I import properties from my existing database using XML or CSV files?

You can import properties into Real Places theme for free using WP ALL Import plugin and it’s add-on for Real Places theme. For more details you can consult this knowledge base article.

Key Features

  • Nice and Clean Design
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Includes Revolution Slider Plugin
  • Full Localization Support ? Contains .po and .mo files
  • WPML Plugin Support ? including the RTL languages support
  • Easy and Extensive Theme Options ? For more information you can view screenshots.
  • Easy to Use Meta Boxes ? To add and modify real estate property information
  • Google reCAPTCHA Support ? For all the forms in this theme.
  • Advance Properties Search Form ? Any search field can be enabled or disabled from theme options. You can also ordered the fields from theme options.
  • Users can Register, Login and Recover Password
    1. Edit Profile ? User can modify his profile information and upload his profile image using front end profile page.
    2. View Favorites Properties ? User can add/remove a property to favorites and view his favorites properties.
    3. Front End Property Submit ? User can submit property from front end.
    4. List Submitted Properties ? User can view list of properties that he has submitted.
    5. Edit Submitted Property ? User can modify any of his submitted property.
    6. PayPal Payment for Submitted Property ? User can pay for his submitted property using PayPal and if enabled from theme options that property will be published automatically on successful payment.
    7. Administrator can View List of Payments ? To take any further action after successful payment.
  • Home Page Features
    Home Page Header Area

    1. Three variations of header area are available and those can be switched easily from theme options.
    2. Full Width Slider ? There are three slider variations available
    3. Revolution Slider – Can be used instead of default slider
    4. Google Map ? Can be displayed in place of slider from theme options
    5. Advance Properties Search Form – Displays in header or below slider based on header variation you are using

    Other Modules

    Note: You can use any module from available variations at any order you want. Overall this theme offers following modules on homepage.

    1. Properties Module – 2 Variation Available – You can filter these properties to display them from any status, location or type. You can also change other settings like number of properties to display etc. Check theme’s screenshots for further details.
    2. How It Works Module – Various settings related to this section are available in theme options.
    3. Featured Properties Module – 3 Variations Available – You can also change related settings from theme options.
    4. Partners – Related settings can be modified from theme options.
    5. News / Blogs Posts – Related settings can be configured from theme options.
    6. Homepage includes contents support and you can add visual composer page builder contents in it to design the homepage the way you want.
  • Property Detail Page

    1. Property Images Gallery ( 3 Variations Available )
    2. Property Content Area
    3. Property Features Section
    4. Property Tour Video Section
    5. Property Location on Map
    6. Property Social Share Options
    7. Property Attachments
    8. List of Sub Properties If Any
    9. Property Agent Information and Ajax Based Contact Form
    10. Similar Properties Section
    11. Support to add Mortgage Calculator
    12. Support to add Featured Properties Widget OR any other type of widget.
  • Property Search Results Template ? To display properties search results with sorting features
  • Properties Templates

    1. List Layout Full Width
    2. List Layout With Sidebar
    3. Grid Layout Full Width
    4. Grid Layout With Sidebar
  • Gallery Templates ? With 2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns layouts
  • Agents Template ? With 2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns layouts
  • Agent Detail Page ? To display detailed information about agent and related properties list.
  • User / Author Detail Page ? To display detailed information about user and related properties list.
  • Contact Template ? With Ajax based contact form, Google reCAPTCHA, Google map and other contact information.
  • Full Width Page Template
  • FAQs support.
  • Testimonials support.
  • Featured Properties Custom Widget
  • Advance Properties Search Custom Widget
  • Social Icons Custom Widget
  • Styles Customization Support Including Background, Fonts and Colors
  • Child Theme Included
  • Once Click Demo Content Importer Included
  • Sample content XML files are also included if you need to manually import demo contents
  • Detailed Documentation Included
  • Layered PSDs Included

Theme Support

Thanks for purchasing Real Places Theme. We truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is provided through our support website.

Visit our Support Site | How to get Item Purchase Code?


Version 1.9.7 – Updated on 17th August 2023

  • Updated translation files
  • Improved for the latest WordPress version 6.3
  • Tested with up to PHP 8.1

Version 1.9.6 – Updated on 23 June 2023

  • Added an option to display all properties in the map of the home page
  • Added maximum number of images control for the gallery section
  • Improved for the latest WordPress version 6.2.x
  • Improved compatibility up to PHP 8.0

Version 1.9.5 – Updated on 1st March 2023

  • Added – New “Agent” section to the home page
  • Fixed – Various minor issues
  • Improved – Compatibility with the latest WordPress release

Version 1.9.4 – Updated on 3rd September 2022

  • Added – Option to modify the button’s label of the advanced search form
  • Added – Option to select the number of markers on the map of search page
  • Improved – Moved property location to its own tab in the Basic Information section on the property edit page
  • Improved – PHP 8.0 Compatibility
  • Fixed – “Add Social Network” setting display issue in all IRE settings
  • Fixed – Map Fallback location issue
  • Fixed – Layout issue in Properties section (backend)
  • Fixed – Map loading issue on Property Edit page (front-end)
  • Fixed – Section Manager issue for Property Details page
  • Fixed – All found properties display issue on the map of the search template
  • Fixed – Wrong number of properties on the search page
  • Fixed – WhatsApp sharing issue on the property details page
  • Fixed – Various minor issues

Version 1.9.3 – Updated on 20th October 2021

  • Fixed property submit JavaScript issue.
  • Fixed mobile menu bug.
  • Fixed duplicate append issue in JavaScript.
  • Added theme update functionality.
  • Improved theme options.

Version 1.9.2 – Updated on 9th June 2021

  • Added featured properties display on top support.
  • Replaced older lightbox with a mobile-friendly and modern lightbox.
  • Added Lot Size field.
  • Added WhatsApp Sharing Option.
  • Added WhatsApp Number Support In Header.
  • Added H1 Support in HomePage Modules.
  • Improved Property Price.
  • Improved Real Estate Search.
  • Added Auto Update Option For Inspiry Real Estate Plugin.
  • Added filter hooks to Property custom post type and custom taxonomies.
  • Removed WP Currency Support.

Version 1.9.0 – Updated on 12th May 2021

  • Added OpenStreetMap support
  • Added nearby places for Google Map on the property detail page.
  • Added drag & drop section manager for property detail page.
  • Improved property detail page’s theme options.
  • Added WalkScore support for property detail page.
  • Improved real estate search code.
  • Added Search Form’s title show/hide theme option.
  • Improved Search Form’s theme options.
  • Included Mortgage Calculator widget in Inspiry Real Estate plugin.
  • Added Google Map Styles option in Inspiry Real Estate plugin.
  • Added default Google Map’s address option in Inspiry Real Estate plugin.
  • Improved Floor Plans and Virtual Tour styles.
  • Fixed Agent profile page styles.
  • Updated Font Awesome icons.
  • Fixed placeholder image issue.
  • Fixed Google Map Property Information Box.

Version 1.8.6 – Updated on 11th December 2020

  • Fixed issues after testing with WordPress 5.6
  • Refined image sizes for various places of theme.
  • Updated plugins included in package.

Version 1.8.5 – Updated on 17th Nov 2020

  • Improved – Phone numbers by making them clickable.
  • Improved- Search Form’s styles.
  • Improved – Search Form’s validation.
  • Improved – custom logo support.
  • Fixed – Mobile menu show hide issue.
  • Fixed – Property Submit page’s agent field’s placeholder translation issue.
  • Fixed – HTML tags rendering in taxonomy name.
  • Updated included plugins.
  • Tested with Latest WordPress

Version 1.8.4 – Updated on 23rd May 2020

  • Fixed Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Updated included plugins.

Version 1.8.3 – Updated on 26th March 2020

  • Improved property submit form.
  • Improved Google maps code.
  • Updated demo import.
  • Improved WPML support.
  • Improved theme options.
  • Fixed social networks widgets.
  • Fixed & Improved various styles.
  • Updated translation files.
  • Updated included plugins.

Version 1.8.2 – Updated on 1st October 2019

  • Fixed translation issues.
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA issue.
  • Updated included plugins.

Version 1.8.1 – Updated on 6th September 2019

  • Refactored and Improved overall code as per Envato’s latest WordPress standards.
  • Moved Google Maps, Social Media and reCHAPTCHA settings to plugin.
  • Improved styles and fixed various minor issues
  • Improved included plugins

Version 1.8.0 – Updated on 8th March 2019

  • Refactored overall code to full fill Envato’s latest WordPress theme requirements. Included plugin named “Inspiry Real Estate” got major code changes to cover plugin territory functionality. Also included Gutenberg support to cover default Gutenberg blocks.

Version 1.7.4 – 6th December 2018

  • Tested and Improved for final version of WordPress 5.0
  • Added features field to search form in header variation one
  • Added option to keep the menu visible in header variation one
  • Added option to show/hide submit property link for registered users only
  • Added taxonomy class to target the label for each taxonomy label in home sections
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins.

Version 1.7.3 – 7th November 2018

  • Tested and Improved for WordPress 5.0.
  • Improved compatibility with older versions of PHP.
  • Added option to sort taxonomy terms in advance search form.
  • Added machine translated Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish language files.
  • Improved validation for front end property submit and edit page.
  • Improved front end property edit page title.
  • Improved SSL support.
  • Improved WPML support.
  • Fixed duplicate agent bug.
  • Improved print styles.
  • Improved dropdown select box styles.
  • Fixed social icons bug for 2nd header.
  • Fixed mark this property featured issue on property edit page.
  • Updated Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins.

Version 1.7.2 – 14th June 2018

  • Added GDPR agreement checkbox support for all contact forms.
  • Added compare properties support for taxonomy archive page.

Version 1.7.1 – 21st March 2018

  • Improved compare properties feature.
  • Improved translation support.
  • Improved currency switcher feature.
  • Improved styles and fixed some styling bugs.
  • Improved demo import contents.

Version 1.7.0 – 17 March 2018

  • Added Compare Properties feature.
  • Added show/hide options for front-end property submit fields.
  • Added new field for property virtual tour embed code.
  • Added filter and sorting options for similar properties module.
  • Added options to modify user navigation.
  • Added options to modify search form fields labels.
  • Added search form display support for properties templates.
  • Added half map layout template for properties.
  • Added half map layout support for properties search results.
  • Add currency switcher feature.
  • Fixed property archive page pagination.
  • Fixed share buttons appearance issue.
  • Improved theme options.
  • Improved demo import.
  • Improved styles.

Version 1.6.2 – 22 November 2017

  • Added pattern based auto generated property ID support for front end submission.
  • Added year built field in property meta.
  • Added next and previous navigation support for property and blog posts.
  • Improved meta boxes appearance and backend code.
  • Fixed conflict with contact form 7’s recaptcha.
  • Fixed title related bug for featured properties on homepage.
  • Fixed header styles bug in theme options.
  • Fixed various other issues and improved code.
  • Improved and Updated Inspiry Real Estate plugin.
  • Updated Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins within the package.

Version 1.6.1 – 12 October 2017

  • Updated redux framework.
  • Added a filter hook name real_places_post_status for publish status on my properties template.
  • Fixed empty gallery entry issue for gallery template in case a property does not have featured image.
  • Fixed missing map marker issue on single property when multiple property types are assigned.
  • Improved checks to display price on list template with sidebar.
  • Updated Inspiry Real Estate plugin.
  • Updated Documentation
  • Updated Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins within the package.

Version 1.6.0 – 22 July 2017

  • Added separate Min & Max Prices support for Rent properties in Advance Search form.
  • Added BCC ( Blind Carbon Copy ) support for the Agent contact forms.
  • Added several new social icons support for header.
  • Added ( List Layout with Sidebar) and ( Grid Layout with Sidebar ) support for search results page.
  • Added properties shortcode. This shortcode is also compatible with Visual Composer.
  • Fixed some minor style issues.
  • Updated Inspiry Real Estate plugin.
  • Update translation files.

Version 1.5.0 – 12th July 2017

  • Added Polylang multilingual translation plugin support
  • Added Loco Translate defined strings translation plugin support
  • Added Google reCAPTCHA support in Login/Registration forms
  • Added Multiple Agents support for front-end property submission
  • Added parent property support for front-end property submission
  • Added random order option for list and grid listing templates
  • Added Inspiry Real Estate plugin update notice through TGM
  • Added title support for the featured properties 1st variation on homepage
  • Added colour options for the scroll to top button
  • Added dynamic sidebars support to allow different sidebars for pages and posts
  • Improved reCAPTCHA visibility for mobile devices
  • Improved number of slider slides to display on homepage
  • Fixed 1st header variation search form + button issue with 4 location dropdowns
  • Fixed blog page banner image replacement issue
  • Fixed property map marker display based on property type
  • Updated translation.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin

Version 1.4.0 – 29th December 2016

  • Added homepage properties 4th variation.
  • Added social login support.
  • Added page content support for properties list & grid templates.
  • Added contact number field to agent’s contact forms.
  • Added pagination support for gallery templates.
  • Improve pagination support for homepage.
  • Updated & Improved included plugins.
  • Improved RTL styles.
  • Improved archive page description tag.
  • Improved property detail slider’s 3rd variation.
  • Added iframe support in front end property submit form to help users included embed codes for virtual tours and videos.
  • Updated translation.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin

Version 1.3.2 – 2nd July 2016

  • Add Google Maps API key support for maps on admin side
  • Added new theme option to exclude featured properties from home properties
  • Fixed an email issue related to contact form
  • Added option to clear selection in multiple select meta boxes
  • Added support for new mortgage calculator plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/mortgage-calculator/
  • Updated TGM plugin activation class
  • Updated Inspiry Real Estate plugin included as part of the package
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated Visual Composer plugin
  • Updated Documentation

Version 1.3.1 – 15th April 2016

  • Updated theme code and related plugin code to make them compatible with WordPress 4.5

Version 1.3.0 – 1st April 2016

  • Added floor plans support for a property. Multiple floor plans can be added and each floor plan can have its own image, description, price, size, beds, baths etc…
  • Improved user registration flow by emailing registered user’s randomly generated password to his email address. So user can only login if he provides a valid email address.
  • Improved favorites feature by making it available even for a not-logged-in user. It uses cookies for not-logged-in user and when a user decides to login it import favorited properties from cookies to database.
  • Added multiple agents support for a property.
  • Improved reCAPTCHA code to make it work with multiple agents.
  • Improved mailing code in the overall theme to make emails more authentic by having correct from and reply-to email addresses.
  • Improved dsIDXpress styles
  • Improved google map by removing properties with empty address field
  • Refactored code by dividing functions library into more files with logical names
  • Added property URL to share it via email. Improved the overall code and increased the text length for email sharing.
  • Fixed dropdown styles for responsive mortgage calculator widget.
  • Fixed horizontal scroll issue when dropdown is opened.
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated Inspiry Real Estate Plugin ( Version 1.2.0 ) included as part of theme to match with latest updates.

Version 1.2.3 – 6th February 2016

  • Fixed image upload issue on IOS devices for edit profile and property submit template
  • Fixed address auto complete styles issue on property submit template
  • Fixed image upload issue in presence of WPML
  • Added styles for How it Works Section
  • Fixed pagination issue on agent detail page
  • Added email notification for new user registration
  • Added translation support for validation messages on edit profile page
  • Improved property detail page third variation’s images carousel
  • Added property location on detail page
  • Improved categories and tags section for news on homepage
  • Added various other code related improvements.
  • Updated pre-packed “Inspiry Real Estate” plugin to support latest features
  • Tested theme with PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0
  • Updated translation files
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin
  • Updated Demo Import Contents

Version 1.2.2 – 15th December 2015

  • Fixed submit property 404 issue after WordPress 4.4 update
  • Improved property description title appearance in case of no description
  • Added some minor CSS improvements

Version 1.2.1 – 2nd December 2015

  • Fixed DELETE button bug on my properties page
  • Fixed Properties colors related issues on homepage
  • Fixed removal icon loader styles bug on favorites properties

Version 1.2.0 – 30th November 2015

  • Added 3rd variation for header
  • Added 3rd variation for homepage slider
  • Added 3rd variation for homepage properties
  • Added 3rd variation for featured properties on homepage
  • Added simplified background support for How it Works section on homepage
  • Added sticky header support
  • Added AJAX support to Login, Registration and Forgot Password
  • Added styles customization support for homepage sliders, homepage properties and homepage featured properties
  • Added API key theme option for Google Maps
  • Added localization support for Google Maps, This will help you display it in your own language
  • Added banner image and revolution slider support for Blog posts
  • Added plugin settings to change URL slugs for property, agent and custom taxonomies like property cit, property type, property status, and property features
  • Removed meta box plugin requirement and embedded its functionality in “Inspiry Real Estate plugin”
  • Removed Redux framework plugin requirement and embedded its functionality with in theme
  • Improved field validation on edit profile page
  • Improved WPML configuration file
  • Improved translation files and related code
  • Fixed taxonomy archive custom pagination issue
  • Fixed theme options titles and description translation issue
  • Fixed a syntax error on contact page
  • Fixed homepage banner issue
  • Fixed enlarged logo size issue in FireFox
  • Fixed select box issue
  • Fixed swipe box ( light box ) issue in RTL
  • Updated Inspiry Real Estate Plugin ( Updated Version 1.1.0 )
  • Updated Child Theme ( Updated Version 1.2.0 )
  • Updated Revolution Slider plugin
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Updated Documentation
  • Tested with WordPress 4.4 Beta

Version 1.1.2 – 23rd October 2015

  • Added new revolution slider design for Real Places.
  • Fixed author page title issue
  • Fixed menu style inconsistency for header variation one
  • Fixed Quick JavaScript issue ( Quick JS was not being included before )

Version 1.1.1 – 9th October 2015

  • Fixed a bug that was blocking AJAX requests for certain level of users whom are restricted to access admin dashboard

Version 1.1.0 – 9th October 2015

  • Added functionality to restrict admin access for certain level of users. User level to restrict can be changed from theme options.
  • Added property type taxonomy support in breadcrumbs for property detail page.
  • Added br tag support for footer copyright text in theme options
  • Improved overall logic to display image banner, Google map and slider revolution.
  • Improved WPML language switcher for LTR and RTL languages
  • Improved logic to display add to favorites button
  • Disabled redux customizer to avoid confusion
  • Updated languages files
  • Improved child theme to load language translation files from with-in child theme ( changed child theme version to 1.1 )
  • Updated Slider Revolution plugin to latest version.
  • Updated Visual Composer to latest version.

Version 1.0.1 – 8th October 2015

  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin

Version 1.0.1 – 10th September 2015

  • Added comments support on property detail page.
  • Added enable / disable Google map checkbox for properties display templates
  • Improved Google map height
  • Updated Revolution Slider Plugin Files
  • Updated Visual Composer Plugins Files

Version 1.0.0 – 5th September 2015

  • Updated theme screenshots to help buyers view the admin side before purchase.

Version 1.0.0 – Launched on 4th September 2015

  • Initial Release

Photos License

Photos used in this theme are for demo purposes only and are not included as part of the theme license.



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