Website Maintenance

To keep website working healthy, there is some site maintenance we recommend you do frequently. To ensure you keep your website up-to-date and working in prime condition.

website maintenance

Why would you purchase a maintenance plan?

We normally bill our clients via an invoice method of $125 per hour. By purchasing a DMVWG retainer,
you can reduce this hourly rate up to 28%. Retainers are hours purchased up front and in bulk. 

Can You Build A Completely New Website Using Retainers?

No, as the hours are limited, the time purchased will allow us to create a small 2 or 3 page ad-on with limited
customization and functionality. New website builds are best suited and created on our small business plan.  

Focus on your business, let us take care of your website.

Why get website maintenance

What Can I Use The Maintenance Plan For?

You can use the maintenance plan for anything related to the design and development on your website. This includes:

  • Adding new or fixing existing websites functionality 
  • Adding new pages or updating existing pages 
  • Fixing or altering design elements 
  • Improving page speed and load times
  • Migrate WordPress Website From One Host to other Host
  • Maintenance of WordPress Blog, Posts, Content, Themes & Plugins
  • Website Security & Regular Backups
  • Up-time monitoring & Performance

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